Industry Partner Members (formerly Friends of IREM)

Delaware Valley Chapter implemented the Industry Partner Program in the fall of 1988. The purpose of this program is to foster professional relationships between IREM Delaware Valley Chapter and a mix of locally represented, reputable quality real estate professionals. Additionally, the program provides the Industry Partner Members with the privileges of limited participation in IREM Delaware Valley Chapter activities. Membership is conferred upon review and acceptance of an IP application. Current IP memberships are automatically renewed unless alternative arrangements are made.




$650  - Industry Partners with 30 or more employees


$550  - Industry Partners with less than 30 employees



Guidelines for the Industry Partner Members Program

1. The categories should consist of a mix of vendors and professionals related to our field.

2. Industry Partner Members should become eligible by introduction by a CPM, ARM, ACoM  or CPM Candidate member. After completing the top portion of the application, the member should then send it to the Industry Partner Member applicant for completion. The completed application and file should then be forwarded to the Industry Partner Committee as indicated on the Application.

3. There is be a standing committee to encourage membership in and regulation of the Industry Partner Member program. This committee consists of the Chapter President, one Director and one Officer. The purpose of this committee will be to review applicants' credentials and character prior to approval and then to issue approval.

4. Any issue concerning an Industry Partner should be presented to the Industry Partner Membership committee who will review the situation with the person involved to determine an appropriate course of action.

5. Total number of  Industry Partner Members should not exceed 35% of membership. Only five companies in the same category (i.e., providing similar services/products) may be an Industry Partner Member at the same time.

6. There should not be a limit on the number of meetings Industry Partner Members may attend; however, it should be understood that our functions are meant for the purpose of building relationships.

7. Industry Partner Members should be subject to an annual fee of $650 or $550, depending on the size of the company. This entitles said corporation to special advertising incentives, participation in the annual Tri-State Conference and Expo at a reduced rate and Industry Partner Open participation and sponsorship.

8. Industry Partner Member applicants will be asked to sign a statement at the time of application that reads: "A Friend shall be a Friend, not a member of the Institute. By signing below, I agree that I shall not hold myself out to be a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management, nor shall I use or permit the use of the CPM or AMO designations or any other indication of membership in, or affiliation with, the Institute. I understand that, if approved, as an Industry Partner Member, I may use the name Institute of Real Estate Management and/or its acronym "IREM" only in conjunction with the words " Industry Partner" for the sole and limited purpose of indicating that I am a Friend of the Institute."

For more information please contact the Chapter Office at 856-786-9260.

Industry Partner Member application